Extended cooperation agreement between Notre Dame Law School, Indiana and the Faculty of Law

The University of Lucerne’s Faculty of Law and Notre Dame Law School, Indiana, USA have signed a new collaboration agreement. The agreement builds upon the long-standing partnership and extends the areas of collaboration further.

Prof. Nicolas Diebold, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Lucerne and Prof. Marcus Cole, Dean of the University of Notre Dame Law School

The new agreement creates more exchange opportunities for Lucerne students, including exchange places at the London Campus of Notre Dame Law School. Furthermore, the agreement foresees better financial support for exchange students from both universities and strengthens the cooperation between the faculties in the areas of research and teaching. More joint events, building upon the existing tradition of the Law and Economics conference series hosted by Prof. Klaus Mathis in Lucene are also in progress. The Faculty of Law feels privileged to deepen the partnership with Notre Dame Law School, one of the leading institutions in the United States.