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«Digital Transformation and Ethics’ is a valuable overview of ethical issues in artificial intelligence, their impact on our daily lives and importance for future applications. With this timely analysis, Peter G Kirchschlaeger highlights fundamental questions pertaining to our relationship with technology and its impact on justice, freedom, and human rights.» Ai Weiwei, Artist

«The 15th and 16th century explorers used compass and the stars to navigate. Today’s digital transformation needs solid scientific analysis and ethical frameworks to charter the way forward in complex territories. Peter G Kirchschlaeger's work offers both rigorous science and practical orientations on key legal and policy issues: this framing is important everywhere and particularly in fragile contexts for vulnerable populations.» Dr Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

«This book is about fundamental, yet rarely addressed, aspects of the digital journey – ethics and values. Highly valuable for anyone who ambitions to have a positive impact with technology.» Silvio Napoli, Chairman of Schindler Group  Read more


Videoporträt Prof. Dr. Peter G. Kirchschläger

Was ist richtig? Was ist gut? Einblick in die theologische Ethik.

Professur für Theologische Ethik

Forschung und Lehre der Moraltheologie und der Sozialethik


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Hans Küng - Weltethos Lecture - Nächste Veranstaltung am 27. November 2023  mit Dr. Thania Paffenholz