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New Book: Ethical Decision-Making

Kirchschlaeger, Peter G. (2023): Ethical Decision-Making, Baden-Baden.
German edition

Ethical decision-making challenges us every day - be it in our private or professional lives, be it on an organisational or institutional level, be it in a political or economic context. The textbook encourages ethical decision-making with ease and argumentative elegance - in the following four steps (SAMBA):

  1. See and Understand the Reality
  2. Analyze the Reality from a Moral Standpoint
  3. Be the Ethical Judge!
  4. Act Accordingly!

Videoportrait of Prof. Dr. Peter G. Kirchschlaeger

What is right? What is good? Insight into Theological Ethics.

Professorship for Theological Ethics

Research and Teaching of Moral Theology and Social Ethics

South Africa and madagascar

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