Affordable accommodation options for students

The Student Mentor Foundation Lucerne is offering 280 accommodation units in one-bedroom studios and two to five bedroom apartments within a new-build housing development in the city of Lucerne. These rooms are available from CHF 480.-- per month. This rent covers additional costs, a high-performance internet connection and modern, functional furnishings. For the online booking:

"Universe 9" is a new home for students and apprentices. It holds space for 95 young personalities from Switzerland and abroad.

The Music Box is a special house for music and art students. The former dormitory for nuns offers everything a student’s heart desires: large rehearsal rooms, various practice rooms, a big lounge and a huge garden, a real oasis of calm.

MUSIC BOX, off-campus residence (only available in German)
The apartments are rented out to students of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. If there are free places, the apartments are also rented out to students of other fields of study.

Studentenhaus Luzern (only available in German)