Covid crisis, mainstream economics and economics of conventions

Prof. Dr. Philippe Batifoulier (Universität Paris 13/CEPN)

Im Rahmen des Kolloquiums Sozialforschung (organisiert von Prof. Dr. Rainer Diaz-Bone und Guy Schwegler)

Datum: 19. Oktober 2022
Zeit: 16.15 Uhr bis 17.45 Uhr
Ort: Via Zoom

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Meeting-ID: 653 8060 9933
Kenncode: 494585

The institutional approach of economics and sociology of conventions (EC/SC) has developed a transdisciplinary movement in social sciences.  Health issues are one of the most active research topics in EC/SC’s approach in order to analyse health as social phenomenon and cover wide range of topics: professional ethics, doctor-patient interaction, health democracy, inequalities, industrialisation, funding priorities, health insurance, hospital management, liberal medicine, digitization and quantification of health, health capitalism, etc.  Challenging mainstream health economics, EC/SC provides a theory of the plurality of values that are mobilised during the patient-doctor encounter but also in the making and elaboration of health policies. EC/SC in the field of healthcare has expanded conceptions of normativity to propose a finer mapping of coordination and regulation.
The communication will seek to present some of the key lessons of EC/SC in the field of healthcare, taking into account the lessons of the health crisis. Then we propose a conventionalist way of thinking about neoliberal policy in health care and health capitalism.