MOL Representation in the Equal Opportunities Commission (GLK)

The academic mid-level is represented by one person in the Equal Opportunities Commission (GLK). You can find the current representative on the following website: MOL Representatives.

What are the tasks of the Equal Opportunities Commission (GLK)?

The Equal Opportunities Commission (GLK) supports the university bodies in their efforts to achieve gender equality. In addition to the chair, the GLK consists of representatives of the faculties, departments, the technical-administrative staff (ATOL), the mid-level staff organisation (MOL), the student organisation (SOL), and the heads of the Personnel Service and the Office for Equal Opportunities.

The GLK meets four times a year (twice per semester) for a regular meeting. All members of the GLK have the opportunity to actively participate in the meeting and to introduce important concerns of their interest group. At the meetings, votes are taken on project applications received for the financial promotion of equal opportunities measures. A wide variety of formats and ideas can be funded, such as in the past the campaign against sexual harassment, events such as "Helvetia ruft!" or "Fight for inclusion: Without voting rights today and then" or printing costs for the women's city tour card game "Goht's no?".

All university members are entitled to apply to the Equal Opportunities Commission for funds for projects and measures. These should be submitted at least 10 days before the meeting dates.

What are the tasks of the MOL representation in the GLK?

The MOL representative is present at the meetings and gives feedback on agenda items, minutes and other enclosures that are discussed at the meeting. A meeting lasts approximately 3 hours, including 2 hours each for preparation and follow-up. Commitment and initiative beyond this is welcome, but not mandatory. Resolved measures and other relevant information from the meeting can subsequently be forwarded to the mid-levels via the MOL newsletters.

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