Raising the curtain for more diversity

The University of Lucerne has developed a broad-based diversity strategy on which implementation measures are based. To ensure equality and equal opportunities for students and employees.

If diversity is lived and valued, it has an impact on the university: It has been proven that diversity is a valuable starting point for innovation and the development of universities, not only by increasing the attractiveness and reputation of the university, but also by promoting the well-being and quality of life as well as the performance and creativity of its students and employees.

"We live diversity and actively work for equal opportunities and against discrimination." At the University of Lucerne, active efforts are being made to put the commitment in this mission statement into practice. Nevertheless, the 2017 and 2020 analyses of gender relations at the University of Lucerne show that there is still work to be done. For this reason, the University of Lucerne has developed a diversity strategy and adopted it in July 2020. Building on this, the University Executive Board adopted the first implementation measures in January 2021. Further measures are under consideration.

Equal opportunities and equality as well as protection against discrimination and sexual harassment are central concerns of the University of Lucerne. Students and employees should find a barrier-free, harassment-free and discrimination-free working environment at the University of Lucerne, in which they are recognised and valued regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or world view, sexual orientation, age, disability or duties of care.

Diversity Strategy of the University of Lucerne

Measures to implement the diversity strategy (in German)

Discrimination, sexual harassment and diversity at the University of Lucerne; a summary of the results of the evaluation of the spring 2020 survey (in German)