Swiss Human Relations Barometer

The Swiss Human Relations Barometer regularly measures the attitudes, perceptions, moods and intentions of employees in Switzerland.

In addition to changes and constants in personnel policies in public and private institutions, the following topics are in focus:

2022 edition: Innovation and failure
2020 edition: Digitalization and generations
2018 edition: Integration and discrimination
2016 edition: Loyalty and cynicism
2014 edition: Experience of work and job crafting
2012 edition: Misconduct and courage
2011 edition: Uncertainty and trust
2010 edition: Work flexibility and family
2009 edition: Mobility and employer attractiveness
2008 edition: Wage satisfaction
2007 edition: Job (in)security
2006 edition: Career orientations

The project has been funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation since 2012.



SWISS Human relations Barometer 2022

2022 edition