Swiss Human Relations Barometer 2022

Innovation and failure

The twelfth edition of the Swiss HR Barometer focuses on the issue “innovation and failure”. The results 2022 show that a tendency towards both innovation and learning from errors are commonplace in Switzerland. Some 86% of employees believe that errors can be helpful for their own work, providing them with the opportunity to learn. This provides a solid foundation for the innovative strength exhibited by companies in Switzerland. Employees also report that they feel supported by leaders and colleagues alike and that, in many companies, there is a culture of psychological safety. A proactive approach to mistakes is promoted, with the view that any errors are reported and used as points of reflection. Another encouraging finding is that fewer than 10% of employees report that they tend to conceal their errors.

The HR Barometer 2022 is based on a survey of 2088 employees selected from the sample register kept by the Federal Statistical Office. The survey took place in the German-, French- and Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland between March and June 2022.