Swiss Human Relations Barometer 2016

Loyalty and cynicism

This year's Swiss HR Barometer takes an in-depth look at the key issue of "loyalty and cynicism", the interplay between loyalty experienced and delivered by employees, and cynicism – a negative, even mocking attitude that employees develop toward their employers. The results show that employees' loyalty is basically good. 54% of employees feel emotionally attached to their employer and only 16% of employees are strongly considering quitting their job. Nevertheless, every fourth person considers at least some promises made by the company to have been broken, and every third person considers the relationship with the supervisor and work colleagues to be less than fully satisfactory. Accordingly, 60% of employees display cynical behavior toward their employer, for example by expressing disapproval.

Companies can do a number of things to counteract the development of cynicism and promote loyalty on the part of employees. Employees who perceive their employer as loyal have a higher motivation to stay and show less cynicism. In addition, job insecurity also plays a key role. Employees who fear losing their jobs soon develop cynical attitudes, feelings and behaviors and are more likely to play with the idea of quitting their jobs. However, it should also be remembered that a certain dose of cynicism can help to address grievances and maintain a healthy distance from the company.