Swiss Human Relations Barometer 2020

Digitalization and generations

Aerial view of crowd connected by lines

This year's Swiss HR Barometer links two key developments: Digitalization and the aging of the society. Around 40 percent of the respondents can imagine working beyond their retirement age. But if one's own work is too digitized, this goes hand in hand with lower job satisfaction. If technology is also used to monitor employees, the loyalty to the company is lower. Finally, it is a cause for concern that only slightly more than 10 percent of respondents do not experience negative prejudice against older employees in their company.

The 11th survey of the Swiss HR Barometer is based on a representative survey of nearly 2,000 employees in German-, French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland. The survey started in mid-March 2020, when the World Health Organization (WHO) simultaneously classified Corona as a global pandemic, followed shortly by the lockdown. Although the survey did not explicitly focus on the Corona pandemic and its impact on the world of work, the data should be interpreted against this background.