Swiss Human Relations Barometer 2014

Experience of work and job crafting

The latest HR Barometer sheds light on the interplay between work experience, company job design and job crafting. Job crafting refers to the shaping of work by employees themselves. The results show that the majority of employees actively shape their work according to their own needs and goals. Specifically, eighty percent of respondents expand their work resources by seeking personal support, about sixty percent of respondents seek new challenges, and a good thirty percent reduce the emotional, physical or mental stresses at work.

Although job crafting represents a strategy for employees to positively influence their work experience, job crafting does not replace operational work design. Rather, company measures and job crafting interact in a reinforcing manner and together contribute to a positive or negative work experience. In order to initiate and maintain positive effects on work experience, the study recommends that employers promote job crafting by expanding employees' scope for action in the form of participation opportunities, task diversity and autonomy. Further, companies can directly impact employees' work experience with appropriate leadership measures and a fulfilled psychological contract. For example, employees who feel socially and professionally supported by their supervisors experience less stress and are more satisfied at work. A fulfilled psychological contract requires that employers and employees transparently communicate and clearly define their mutual expectations. Feedback discussions provide a favorable framework for this.

Article about Jobcrafting with Prof. Dr. Gudela Grote