Station 16

The Inseli is located directly next to the university/PH building and the KKL Lucerne (Photo: Hanna Wicki)
Philipp Anton von Segesser, steel engraving 19th century (Source: Wikipedia)

Philipp Anton von Segesser

From 1867 onwards, Philipp Anton von Segesser (1817-1888) lived in a grand house in Inseli, which at that time was a separate island in the Lake of Lucerne.

He is one of the most interesting figures in the history of the canton of Lucerne. He came from a leading family in the area, and was an influential politician for many years. He championed conservativism in Lucerne and was a canny advocate of Catholic interests in the culture wars. For many years he played a leading role in the government of Lucerne and represented the canton in the Federal Council for forty years. He is highly regarded as a historian, who also worked as a political writer and journalist.

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