Station 19

Frohburgstrasse 3, Lucerne, former post office building, 2008 (shortly after start of construction). The UNI/PH building was opened on 1st September 2011 (Source: University archive)
The illumination of the Uni/PH-building on the occasion of the opening ceremony on 1st September 2011 (© Michael Kessler)

New UNI/PH building on Frohburgstrasse

An initial plan was drawn up for the construction of a university complex at Kasernenplatz in the form of a slightly pivoted cube. In 2004, the plan was stopped for legal reasons before its implementation could kick off, but this turned out to be a double blessing. On the one hand, the young university was growing faster than anticipated and the original plan would have quickly been outgrown, and, on the other, the postal services building in the Lucerne city centre became available for redevelopment because SwissPost relocated its sorting facility to the canton of Solothurn. This site is extremely well positioned in the centre of town, close to the railway station and opposite KKL Luzern, the Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre.

As a result, a contemporary multi-functional education campus was created combining inspired architectural design and the striking facade. The campus houses the University of Lucerne and a branch library of the Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek as well as a unit of the Lucerne college of education (Pädagogische Hochschule Luzern). The college of education is currently spread over several sites in the city but a new campus for the college in Ennethorw is planned for completion in 2029.

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