Station 11

St. Beat Priest Seminary, Adligenswilerstrasse 13, Lucerne (Photo: Wolfgang Schatz)
Hirschengraben 10, Lucerne, until 1982 seat of the Faculty of Theology Lucerne (Photo 2009)

The eventful founding years

Cautios developments thanks to Karen Gloy, Guy P. Marchal and Walter Kirchschläger

After the cantonal referendum on 9th July 1978 voted against the proposed Lucerne university, the Faculty of Theology continued to operate as the sole tertiary college in Lucerne, and gradually expanded the range of courses on offer. In 1984, the Faculty started a department of philosophy under the leadership of Prof. Karen Gloy from Heidelberg, and a department of history was added in 1989, with Prof. Guy Marchal from the University of Basel as head.

In 1993, the departments of philosophy and history were combined into a faculty of their own, and the Hochschule Luzern (forerunner of the University of Lucerne) was created with two faculties, Theology and Humanities.

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