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Former Hotel Union in Lucerne
Former Hotel Union in Lucerne, where the Swiss Conservative People's Party (later CVP) was founded in 1912 (Photo: Wolfgang Schatz)
Caricature 1888 in the satirical magazine "Der Nebelspalter"
Caricature 1888 in the satirical magazine 'Der Nebelspalter'

A culture war

After the Sonderbund war, a brief civil war from 3th to 29th November 1847 between the conservative Catholic cantons and the liberal cantons, the conflict between tradition and modernity continued at the cultural level.

As a result, the second half of the 19th century witnessed a divergence in the development of the society, economy, schools and education policy in Switzerland according to the religious affiliation of each canton. The policy on religion also became a bone of contention between the Catholic Church and the state. The Higher Education Insitution in Lucerne was caught up in this conflict.

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