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St. Beat Priest Seminary
St. Beat Priest Seminary, Adligenswilerstrasse 13, Lucerne (Photo: Julian Becker)
The "Kasten" at Adligenswilerstrasse 15
The "Kasten" (box) at Adligenswilerstrasse 15, which has been the Episcopal Seminary and seat of the Faculty of Theology since 1883. Since 1971, the new building designed by the architect Walter Rüssli has been located here (today the headquarters of Caritas Switzerland)

Stepping into the world of science

Theology in Lucerne: From priestly education to academic study

After 1889, the stage Higher Education Institution in Lucerne made use of classrooms in the new Catholic seminary at 15 Adligenswilerstrasse, behind the Hofkirche.

In 1938, the college was accorded the title of Faculty of Theology by the Catholic seminary.
In the 1960s, new career paths opened up in the Catholic Church after the reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), and for the first time women were admitted as students to the Faculty of Theology. In 1970, the cantonal government and the Catholic Church granted the Faculty of Theology the right to award degrees.

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