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Lion Monument in Lucerne
Lion Monument in Lucerne (Photo: Wolfgang Schatz)
Ignaz Paul Vital Troxler (1780-1866) (Source: Special Collection ZHB Lucerne)

The two figureheads at the Lyceum

In 1819, the education reformer Eduard Pfyffer appointed non-theologians to three of the seven professorships in order to prepare the college for the changing times. Two of these appointments proved fortuitous to the Higher Education Institution, and would have been a great credit to any university:

Joseph Eutych Kopp was appointed as professor of philosophy. He was a pioneer of critical historical research about the formation of the Swiss confederation, based on the meticulous analysis of sources.

Paul Vital Troxler, a medical doctor from Beromünster, was appointed professor of philosophy and general history. He was a charismatic teacher and promoted popular sovereignty, equality before the law and liberal rights to freedom. However, this was not well received by the conservative Catholic government.

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