The Institute for Interdisciplinary Legal Studies – lucernaiuris is a hub for cutting-edge teaching and research that crosses traditional boundaries between law, the humanities and the social sciences. It holds a distinctive position within the national and international academic landscape as an innovative forum for intellectual exchange and collaboration.

The institute’s activities currently focus on the following main themes:

  • Law, Media and Technology
  • Law and Economics
  • Histories of Law and Justice
  • Law, Arts and Humanities
  • Theory and History of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Law and Biomedicine
  • Law and Sustainability



During the middle ages, “lucerna iuris” was a term applied to the most significant Bolognese jurists. In taking the name for our institute, we lay no personal claim to it, for we are but dwarves on the shoulders of giants. The significance of the title is rather to both acknowledge a connection to one of the mythical origins of legal studies (Bologna) and underline our commitment to a critical engagement with the modern ‘Bologna Process’ and its implications for teaching and research in law.