Mission Statement

A more personal university

Personal relationships and dialogue are important to us. We are a research, teaching, learning and working community that is determined by respectful interaction, appropriate participation, transparent communication, attractive working conditions and mutual trust. Students receive high quality teaching with a good professor to student ratio and fair academic appraisals. All members of the university (researchers, lecturers, students and technical-administrative staff) shape the university and are responsible for its development.

Focused on people and society

We explore topics related to everything that makes people different in both their individual and social lives: how they believe and hope, think and talk, cooperate and govern, decide and act, stay healthy and become healthy. As a scientific institution, we focus on the following areas in particular: theology, cultural studies, social sciences, law, economics, health sciences and medicine.

Aware of our responsibilities

We commit ourselves to transparency, good cooperation, compliance with rules, provision of optimal infrastructure, efficient use of resources, provision of an optimal research, learning and working environment and careful use of resources. We ensure independence, neutrality and impartiality in research and teaching, and we are open to the future, willing to talk and innovate. We value diversity and actively promote equal opportunities and anti-discrimination.

Engaged in five main tasks

We are dedicated to scientific research and teaching, the promotion of young talent and academic training, and we provide services to the public. We strive for outstanding research and teaching, that is scientifically sound, solution-oriented, interdisciplinary and innovative. We specifically support our students by providing education and skills for today and tomorrow's world of work.

Anchored in Lucerne - connected to the world

We are part of a regional, national and international network of science, education, culture, economics, politics and society. Anchored in central Switzerland, in the canton of Lucerne and in the cultural city of Lucerne, our connections with the national and international research and teaching community extend far beyond any language borders. We maintain a worldwide scientific network with recognised partner institutions.

Forward-looking and relevant to society

Through our work, we contribute to the expansion of knowledge and insights, to the development of society as a whole and to improving quality of life. Scientific professionalism and social relevance are essential components of our research topics. We make use of digitalisation to aid us with the quality and efficiency of research, teaching and administration.

Self-critical and open to improvement

We regularly evaluate whether we have achieved our goals.