Mission Statement

The personal university

Personal relationships and dialogue are important to us. We form a research, teaching, learning and working community shaped by respectful interactions, appropriate participation, transparent communication, attractive working conditions and mutual trust. Students receive high-quality teaching with a good supervisory relationship and fair performance assessments. All members of the university (researchers, lecturers, students and technical and administrative staff) help to shape the university and take responsibility for its development.

1. A focus on people and community

We primarily conduct research into everything that has defined, defines and will define humans in their individual and social existence: how they believe and hope, think and talk, cooperate and govern, make decisions and take action, become and stay healthy, behave, and experience their world. As an academic institution, we focus on the following areas in particular: theology, cultural studies, social sciences, law, economics and management, health sciences, medicine and behavioural sciences and psychology.

2. Responsible action via internal and external partnerships

We take our responsibility very seriously and are committed to: transparency; effective cooperation; adherence to rules; provision of ideal infrastructure; efficient use of resources; provision of an ideal research, learning and working environment; and careful handling of resources. We ensure independence, neutrality and impartiality in research and teaching, and we are forward-looking, open to dialogue, and innovative. We set great store by diversity and actively promote equal opportunities and combat discrimination.

3. Committed to five activities

We are committed to academic research and teaching with a targeted public policy orientation, to promoting young research talent, as well as further academic training, and we provide services to the general public. We strive for excellence in research and teaching activities. These are scientifically sound, solution-oriented, interdisciplinary and innovative. We offer our students targeted support by providing training and skills for the current and future working world.

4. Rooted in Lucerne – connected to the world

We have regional, national and international networks in academia, education, culture, business, politics and society. We are rooted in central Switzerland, the canton of Lucerne and the cultural city of Lucerne, as well as having links outside of the German-speaking region with the national and international research and teaching community. We also cultivate a global academic network with respected partner institutions.

5. Future-oriented and relevant to society

Our work seeks to help expand knowledge and understanding, develop society as a whole, and improve quality of life. The main pillars of this are scientific professionalism and the social relevance of research topics. We use the potential of digitalisation to enhance the quality and efficiency of research, teaching and administration.

6. Self-critical and open to improvement

We regularly review whether we are achieving the goals we have set ourselves.

(approved by the University Council on 27 June 2018, mention of behavioural sciences and psychology added in January 2023)