Start of the call for the third "Lucerne Summer University" in Ethics under the patronage of UNESCO

The third edition of the international summer academy "Ethics in a Global Context" will start at the beginning of June 2020. Lecturers from various countries and disciplines have confirmed their participation, including the president of the ICRC Peter Maurer.

Participants of the "Lucerne Summer University 2019"
Participants of the "Lucerne Summer University 2019"

The "Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context" (LSUE) offers 30 master’s and doctoral students from all over the world the opportunity to devote themselves to moral issues across scientific disciplines. It will take place from 4 to 9 June 2020 at the Institute for Social Ethics ISE. The global dialogue will focus on areas such as human rights ethics, gender justice and intersectionality, economic, financial and corporate ethics, ethics of digitisation, automation, robotization and the use of artificial intelligence, bioethics, medical ethics and environmental ethics. "In particular, LSUE offers students and junior researchers, who normally cannot deal with ethical topics in their everyday study and research life, the opportunity to engage in an in-depth examination of current ethical issues," explains Prof Dr Peter G Kirchschlaeger, founder and director of the LSUE.

Enrichment through interreligious and transcultural dialogue

  • Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Akaliza Keza Ntwari, Entrepreneur from Rwanda in the field of technology, one of the founders of "Girls in ICT Rwanda" and a member of the UN High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation
  • Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo
  • Katiúscia Ribeiro, Professor of African Philosophy and Ethics, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • Arne Manzeschke, Professor of Anthropology and Ethics for Health Professions at the Evangelische Hochschule Nürnberg and President of the European Research Society for Ethics Societas Ethica
  • Prof. Gunoo Kim, Law Professor at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

In the light of these interdisciplinary and multifaceted perspectives, it is possible to respond to individual interests without losing the claim to the complexity and the wholeness of ethical dimensions.

Bringing together/Combine different points of view

The combination of various perspectives not only enriches the LSUE participants and thus science and research, but also civil societies, business and politics in a broader sense. Through the exchange, consultation and interaction in such a collective, responsible decision-makers emerge. In addition, research and cooperation in ethics promote scientific work with socially relevant considerations that is oriented towards practice and the future. Since the emergence of LSUE, the guiding principle "Know how, act now" has shaped the programme and its implementation.


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Prof Dr Peter G Kirchschlaeger
Director of the Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context
T +41 41 229 52 61



Central aspect: the exchange between the participants
Central aspect: the exchange between the participants

The interreligious and transcultural dialogue gives the twenty doctoral and ten master's students the opportunity to enrich each other. They are supported by mentoring and targeted support.

The interdisciplinary and international circle of the faculty from academia, international organizations, and business ensures a practical connection. Several experts from all over the world have already confirmed that they will participate at the LSUE 2020 with various contributions. These include, among others