6th September 2019
Radio Maria: Interview with Peter G. Kirchschlaeger about the Responsibility of Multinational Corporations

Interview (06.09.2019, 13.00 Uhr)

10th May 2019
The European University Institute and the University of Lucerne strengthen their cooperation

The European University Institute (EUI) and the University of Lucerne step up their cooperation in research and education. Last Saturday in Florence, the Presidents of the two academic institutions signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) including initial implementation steps.

2nd May 2019
EUI and University of Lucerne launch Voting Advice Application

The European University Institute and the University of Lucerne launch euandi2019, an Online Tool to help citizens make an informed choice in the upcoming 2019 European Parliament (EP) elections.

1st May 2019
Seetaler Bote: The world of work from an ethical point of view

How can a company operate on ethical criteria? The "Idee Plus", the Förderverein Idee Seetal, were invited to a podium discussion on Wednesday. Four entrepreneurs and Peter Kirchschlaeger, professor at the University of Lucerne, discussed the topic.

29th April 2019
Prof. Dr. Peter G. Kirchschlaeger comments on Swiss Television SRF in the business magazine ECO

5G – investing on the principle of hope.

26th April 2019
Transportation Law on the Move: Challenges in the Modern Logistics World

The Competency Center for Logistics and Transport Law (KOLT) held a two-day conference at University of Lucerne under the heading «Transportation Law on the Move: Challenges in the Modern Logistics World». The conference, co-chaired by Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer and PD Dr. Viola Heutger, was held on 25th/26th of April 2019 with 20 speakers and several guests from 6 different countries. The speakers were internationally recognized academic experts in transportation law and practitioners in leading positions. The participants shared their experience, analysis and visions on modern national and international transportation law embedded in a modern logistics and supply chain management.

22nd April 2019
Television Channel Tele Z: Concretely with Franz Immer and Peter G. Kirchschlaeger

"Who does not contradict becomes a donor?" The organ donation initiative promotes a reorganization of organ donation. Could such a "counter solution" increase the willingness to donate in Switzerland? And what about the moral obligation and the free will to donate organs? Prof. Dr. Peter G. Kirchschlaeger is participating in a discussion on these questions on Tele Z.

26th November 2018
National Fund supports research project

Researchers at the Center for HRM at the University of Lucerne have raised around CHF 335,000 for their project from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). This project deals with the effects of wage transparency.

29th October 2018
Symposium and Short Course in Lausanne, Nov. 29-30

How to improve the use of evidence-based health (care) information in practice and policy? The role of rapid reviews and policy briefs, and their synergistic effects.

10th October 2018
Foreign employees feel well-integrated at the workplace

More than half of foreign employees in Switzerland feel well-integrated in their work environment. Language difficulties serve as one of the main reasons for a lack of integration. This is concluded by the latest issue of the Swiss HR Barometer issued by the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and the Universities of Lucerne and Zurich.