4th September 2018
Zalman Rothschild, Ph.D. and J.D., appointed non-resident fellow of the CCCLR
6th August 2018
Lecture Series Fall 2018 - Rehabilitation in Health Systems: A Global Perspective

In this lecture series, international experts on rehabilitation will review the promise, and the challenges, of strenghtening rehabilitation in global health systems through collaborations with academic, governmental and non-governmental partners as well as the private sector.

Please note that lecture of Karl Blanchet, November 7 had to be cancelled!

12th July 2018
New Study Programme: Dual Master's Degree in Political Science

The University of Lucerne and Carleton University of Ottawa (Canada) now jointly offer a master’s programme in political science. The programme is due to start in fall 2018.

2nd July 2018
New Research Cluster at the Department of Political Science

The Lucerne Cluster for Configurational Methods (LUCCS) has been established at the Department of Political Science. The cluster works on so-called “configurational” methods, which have gained considerably in popularity in the social sciences. LUCCS contributes to defining the state of the art in this field of research.

11th June 2018
PolSem raised a large number of third-party funds in 2017

The Department of Political Science at the University of Lucerne was particularly successful in attracting competitively awarded third-party funds in 2017. A total of almost CHF 4 million was raised. This was a continuation of earlier successes.


1st May 2018

In this paper, Prof. Andreas Furrer examines Smart Contracts (“SC”), statements of will and the parties' intention to create legal relations.

16th April 2018
1st Conference of the Swiss Society of Health Economics

The first conference of the Swiss Society of Health Economics will take place on September 14, 2018 at the University of Lucerne under the theme “Health Economics and Health System Reforms".