EUI and University of Lucerne launch Voting Advice Application

The European University Institute and the University of Lucerne launch euandi2019, an Online Tool to help citizens make an informed choice in the upcoming 2019 European Parliament (EP) elections.

Ausgefüllte Online-Wahlhilfe am Bildschirm

Available in over 20 languages, euandi2019 invites citizens to react to 22 policy statements covering a wide range of contemporary policy issues and political values in European politics.The results show which party matches best the users’ preferences in their country and across Europe.

Developed by the Robert Schuman Centre for the third time in a row after the European elections of 2009 and 2014, and this time in close collaboration with the University of Lucerne in Switzerland, euandi2019 provides voters with a clear view on the European electoral campaign and their individual positions within it. The team consists of 122political scientists and experts on party politics, approximately five per Member State and covers more than 250 political parties and lists running in the EP elections.

For more information, see news release in German