CAS in Human Factors in Leadership

In demanding leadership situations, the people involved are a decisive factor for a successful outcome. Individual employees, senior level staff and external partners wield an influence over procedure that can very often prove conclusive. It is essential for today’s leaders to understand not only human limitations, but also the opportunities provided through the strengths and abilities of individuals. A modern leader must be in possession of the necessary tools required for selecting and promoting the most suitable people for the job.

As a way of approaching these human factors, the “Certificate of Advanced Study in Human Factors in Leadership” (CAS HF) will cover perceptual errors, self-awareness, similarities and differences, conflicts and agreement, as well as diversity and interculturality. Thus, the course targets human factors at various levels, ranging from individual to societal considerations.

The "CAS HF" can be completed as part of the "MAS in Effective Leadership” or independently, as an individual course. The "MAS in Effective Leadership" offers the ideal partnership with the Swiss Armed Forces College (SAFC), making it advantageous to participants without a military background, which can enrich their skills through exposure to the content of military leadership training.