Board of Directors

Foto Daniel Speich

Prof. Dr. Daniel Speich Chassé
Chair of the Board

Professor of global history
T +41 41 229 59 54 • Room 3.A48 •
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Prof. Dr. Sandra Bärnreuther

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
T +41 41 229 55 72 • Roomm 3.A31 •
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Foto Boris Previsic

Prof. Dr. Boris Previšić

Professor of Cultural Studies
T +41 41 229 54 74 • Room 3.A30 •
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Foto Martin Hartmann

Prof. Dr. Martin Hartmann
Associate member

Professor of Philosophy, Chair of Practical Philosophy
Responsible for the organization of the Master Class (2015-2019)
T +41 41 229 57 10 • Room 3.A43 • 
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GSL Office

Dr. Christina Cavedon
Managing Director

Monday through Wednesday and Thursday or Friday
T +41 41 229 55 16 • Room 3.A01 •
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Helena Bardoukas

Helena Bardoukas
Scientific Assistant

T +41 41 229 57 54 • Raum 3.A19 •

Luzia Weber

Responsible for Reimbursements by GSL Members

T +41 41 229 55 71 • Room 3.A27 • Contact for Reimbursements:; Direct contact:

Liaison Officer

Andreas Bäumler, MA
Liaison Officer

T +41 41 229 56 92 • Room 3.A14 •
Further Information regarding Andreas Bäumler

As the GSL's liaison officer, Andreas Bäumler attends all GSL board meetings. If not specifically asked to represent a perspective held by a majority of GSL members, Andreas Bäumler represents the perspective of doctoral students from a subjective point of view. 
If wishing to remain anonymous to the GSL Board or GSL Office, GSL members can also contact Andreas Bäumler at any time and ask him to bring topics of discussion before the GSL board and/ or office.