Working Conditions

The MOL is committed to ensuring that all members of the academic mid-level benefit from working conditions that enable them to achieve their professional and scientific goals. To this end, the MOL continuously implements projects and plans joint measures with partner organisations. In the past, for example, the SRL No. 539g "Regulations on Academic Assistants at the University of Lucerne" was anchored, as was the Petition Academia.

In addition to the day-to-day business, the MOL offers an infrastructure that enables the mid-level to act in a coordinated manner on a selective basis when the interests of the mid-level are threatened (e.g. the job situation, salaries or the promotion of young academics). Do you have important matters on your mind, actions you think the MOL should consider, or events where the academic mid-level should get involved? Feel free to drop us a line at, or even better, join us at one of our MOL meetings without any obligation. It's a great chance to connect, share ideas, and have a meaningful exchange!
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