Semester Dates

Autumn semester 2022

Fri.16.09.2022Introduction day
Mon.19.09.2022Start of courses
Tue.01.11.2022All Saints' Day, no lectures
Thu.03.11.2022Dies academicus, no lectures in the morning
Thu.08.12.2022Immaculate conception, no lectures
Fri.16.12.2022Law faculty: End of courses
Fri.23.12.2022End of courses

Spring semester 2023

Thu.21.02.2023Start of courses
(Mon. 20.02. carnival, no lectures)
Fri.-Sun.07.-16.04.2023Easter (lectures until Thu. 06.04.) 
Thu.18.05.2023Ascension Day, no lectures 
Mon.29.05.2023Whit Monday, no lectures
Fri.26.05.2023Law faculty: End of courses
Fri.02.06.2023End of courses

Autumn semester 2023

Fri.15.09.2023Introduction day
Mon.18.09.2023Start of courses
Mon.02.10.2023St. Leodegar, no lectures
Wed.01.11.2023All Saints' Day, no lectures
Thu.02.11.2023Dies academicus, no lectures in the morning
Fri.08.12.2023Immaculate conception, no lectures
Fri.15.12.2023Law faculty: End of courses
Fri.22.12.2023End of courses

Spring semester 2024

Mon.19.02.2024Start of courses
Fri.-Sun.29.03.-07.04.2024Easter (lectures until Thu. 28.03.) 
Thu.09.05.2024Ascension Day, no lectures 
Mon.20.05.2024Whit Monday, no lectures
Fri.24.05.2024Law faculty: End of courses
Fri.30.05.2024Corpus Christi, no lectures
Fri.31.05.2024End of courses

Autumn semester 2024

Fri.13.09.2024Introduction day
Mon.16.09.2024Start of courses
Wed.02.10.2024St. Leodegar, no lectures
Fri.01.11.2024All Saints' Day, no lectures
Thu.07.11.2024Dies academicus, no lectures in the morning
Fri.13.12.2024Law faculty: End of courses
Fri.20.12.2024End of courses