Digital classes even after cancellation of the Winter Universiade

Today, the organisers of the Winter Universiade announced the cancellation of the event. The University of Lucerne is standing by its decision to hold the classes digitally in December.

The University of Lucerne regrets that the Winter Universiade had to be cancelled on the final straight after such long and intensive preparations. The cancellation does not only bring with it economic losses for the hotel and tourism industry and  disappointment for all  those involved. The vision of the event was also to promote Lucerne-Central Switzerland as a centre of education to the world.

The Uni/PH building was intended to be the headquarters of the Universiade. The University had therefore planned a mostly digital teaching operation for December and had determined alternative locations for examinations.

Even after the cancellation, the University is standing by its decision to hold classes digitally in December. A changeover in such a short period of time would be very time-consuming and would bring  with it a lot of uncertainty. This is not in the interests of the University, which has placed great importance on planning security since the beginning of the pandemic. The epidemiological situation also speaks in favour of holding classes digitally in December.

The cancellation will free up the rooms in the Uni/PH building reserved for the Winter Universiade and the building will remain accessible to students and the public. This will allow workstations to be made available for students in the lecture halls from 1 December. The canteen will remain in operation during normal opening hours until 23 December 2021, after which it will be closed until, and including 9 January 2022.

Media release "Winter Universiade 2021 will not be taking place"