Success at the World Human Rights Moot Court 2015

We are happy to announce that the team of the University of Lucerne, for its written memorial, is ranked 1st in its particular UN region "Western Europe and Others" and 3rd in the overall ranking of the competition (Western Europe, Israel, North America, Australia and New Zealand).

Silja Aebersold; André Kuhn; Benjamin Kolman; Alexander Morawa; Hansen Wong.

In the written round, the team consisting of André Kuhn and Benjamin Kolman with the coaches Silja Aebersold and Gabriel Zalazar and student advisor Hansen Wong had to submit a memorial for the Applicant as well as for the Respondent. In the oral round held at the UN in Geneva from 8 to 10 December 2015, the team also delivered excellent pleadings.

For further information please contact Prof. Alexander Morawa.

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