Graduation Ceremony Health Sciences

On Monday, September 07, 2015, the first Graduation Ceremony in Health Sciences was held.

36 Master graduates and one PhD were awarded their diploma by Professor Dr. Stefan Boes, the Director of the Master Program in Health Sciences.

Graduation Ceremony Health Sciences. Photo Markus Forte
Graduation Ceremony Health Sciences. Photo Markus Forte.

The newly graduated Health Sciences professionals come from 12 countries – Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Latvia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Romania, Uzbekistan, Cameroon, Canada and the US. Many of them have already started into promising careers in health-related fields in Switzerland as well as abroad. The interdisciplinary approach of the Master in Health Sciences program is also reflected in the variety of fields in which the new Health Sciences professionals have chosen to work. While some have decided to pursue a career in scientific research, others have set off their careers in the pharmaceutical or insurance sector as well as in the fields of quality management in clinical and outpatient care or the development of information and communication solutions for the health sector – to mention only some of the varied fields of employment. The Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy congratulates its graduates and wishes them all the best for their future careers.