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20th January 2020
Start of "CAS in Information Management & Leadership" 2020

Leading in complex situations is closely linked to information and information management. Typically, such situations are marked by a delayed flow of information, insufficient reliability or the complete absence of information.

10th January 2020
How do social media contents shape work behaviors?

The Journal of Managerial Psychology publishes a study conducted by Anna Sender, PhD and Pawel Korzynski, PhD.

3rd December 2019
Two SNSF Spark grants for creative HRM research

Manuela Morf, PhD and Anna Sender, PhD were both awarded a Spark grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). SNSF Spark funds original and unconventional research ideas such that they can be tested, further developed and implemented.

20th November 2019
SNSF supports research on talent management

Organizations often find it difficult to identify talented employees. A research group led by Prof. Dr. Bruno Staffelbach evaluates what kind of biases are relevant in talent identification, how they influence decision making in talent identification and how to deal with biases that are discriminating.

11th November 2019
How social capital influences performance in family firms: the moderating role of nepotism

The International Journal of Human Resource Management publishes a study about Swiss family owned companies conducted by Dr. Andreas Schmid and Dr. Anna Sender.

7th November 2019

In autumn and winter, presenteeism will again become an increasingly important topic.

7th November 2019
Leading in demanding situations

Leadership has not only to do with knowledge, but also with experience.

4th November 2019
Electronic monitoring at the workplace

Almost all employee activities generate electronic traces - from logging on to the computer to the distance covered by the company vehicle. This allows their behaviour to be monitored.

1st November 2019
Start of "CAS in Decision Making" 2019

Thematic complexity, demanding situations and shortage of time are just some challenges that leaders and executives face in today’s world.

21st October 2019
Compensation Policies of Board of Directors, Executive Board and Management

The Swiss Institute of Directors (SIoD) honored Georg Fischer and Novartis for their exemplary compensation systems.