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The Swiss HR Barometer will be published for the eleventh time in 2020.
7th October 2020
Job satisfaction decreases with digitisation

This year’s Swiss HR Barometer combines two major trends: digitisation, and an aging society. Almost 40 percent of those surveyed can imagine working beyond retirement age. Job satisfaction decreases as digitisation of an employee’s tasks increases.

5th October 2020
Risk of infection in social media: Who is immune and who is contagious?

Employees regularly compare their salaries or career developments with those of their colleagues. A study by the Center for Human Resource Management at the University of Lucerne has for the first time investigated how such comparisons are made in the social media.

10th September 2020
Past performance is a predictor of potential

Companies that recognize the potential of their employees can gain a competitive advantage. But how do you recognize their potential and how is it related to past and future performance?

27th August 2020
New master seminar "People Analytics"

Are you interested in developing people analytics skills? Do you wish to gain expertise in the management of a remote workforce? Do you like to work on your unique project in groups? If so, save your spot in our new seminar “People Analytics”.

30th July 2020
Resilience of virtual teams

The extraordinary situation shifts the cooperation of many teams into virtual space. Even there mistakes happen, there are setbacks and conflicts. But which mechanisms help virtual teams to overcome difficulties well?

3rd July 2020
Over 100 students successfully complete HRM lecture

This spring semester the lecture Human Resource Management was held for the fourth time at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Lucerne.

24th June 2020
Flexworker - motives, opportunities and challenges

There are many reasons why people choose flexible forms of work. The high level of flexibility offers many possibilities, but also requires personal responsibility. This is shown in a study by Dr. Lea Rutishauser and Dr. Anja Feierabend on motives, opportunities and challenges of flexworkers.

Help Concept hands reaching out to help each other in dark tone.
5th June 2020
Between duty of care and protection of personality

Employers shall not be interested in religious, political or sexual orientations of employees. At the same time, they are legally obliged in Switzerland to protect the life and health of employees. This leads to a dilemma: for example, if the sexual orientation of an employee becomes a risk when he or she is sent abroad.

5th May 2020
Abolish performance appraisal systems?

Many SMEs and larger companies adhere to formal performance appraisals, although employees and managers are often dissatisfied with them and the desired results are not achieved. In a provocative essay, Professor Kevin Murphy of the University of Limerick argues for the abolition of the traditional performance appraisal system.

16th April 2020
More corporate performance through employer branding?

The effects of employer branding on corporate success have not yet been researched. An inter-university research group is now focusing on this topic.