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24th June 2020
Flexworker - motives, opportunities and challenges

There are many reasons why people choose flexible forms of work. The high level of flexibility offers many possibilities, but also requires personal responsibility. This is shown in a study by Dr. Lea Rutishauser and Dr. Anja Feierabend on motives, opportunities and challenges of flexworkers.

5th June 2020
Between duty of care and protection of personality

Employers shall not be interested in religious, political or sexual orientations of employees. At the same time, they are legally obliged in Switzerland to protect the life and health of employees. This leads to a dilemma: for example, if the sexual orientation of an employee becomes a risk when he or she is sent abroad.

5th May 2020
Abolish performance appraisal systems?

Many SMEs and larger companies adhere to formal performance appraisals, although employees and managers are often dissatisfied with them and the desired results are not achieved. In a provocative essay, Professor Kevin Murphy of the University of Limerick argues for the abolition of the traditional performance appraisal system.

16th April 2020
More corporate performance through employer branding?

The effects of employer branding on corporate success have not yet been researched. An inter-university research group is now focusing on this topic.

16th March 2020
„Aiming to leave, aiming to harm“

When are employees likely to intentionally go against organizational norms by taking longer breaks, taking company’s property without permission or falsifying a receipt? Journal of Business and Psychology accepted the paper of Anna Sender, Manuela Morf and Anja Feierabend entitled “Aiming to leave, aiming to harm” for publication.

13th March 2020
Successful Information Event

This week, the Center for Human Resource Management (CEHRM) held an information evening on the study programme "MAS in Effective Leadership".

13th March 2020
Pay transparency

Why wage transparency pays off.

12th March 2020
Insight into Strategic HR-Management at Luzerner Kantonalbank

How can HR build competitive advantage? How does the New World of Work influence HR strategy? Why do we all need resilience master the challenges ahead of us?

9th March 2020
I'll be off

BBC UK introduced a flexible holiday policy to retain staff. The desired loyalty effect was achieved, but fears of ostracism and discrimination against holidaymakers did not go away.