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12th October 2019
Autumn Newsletter Swiss HR-Barometer 2019

The psychological contract as a means of promoting integration and employer attractiveness - the HR-Barometer team presents two examples in the current autumn newsletter.

3rd October 2019
Making the world of work more flexible, where are we going?

At the Business Innovation Week, the opportunities and risks of technological developments for the world of work 4.0 were discussed. Dr. Manuela Morf was one of the participants.

30th September 2019
Wage transparency reduces wage discrimination

Wage transparency is often propagated as a miracle cure against wage discrimination. An international research team from Copenhagen and the USA has therefore investigated the question of whether the introduction of greater wage transparency actually reduces the gender pay gap.

26th September 2019
Transparent Wages - Fair Wages?

The first Xing New Work Session took place at Kaufleuten Zurich on 25 September 2019. Dr. Alexandra Arnold participated.

6th September 2019
Virtual teamwork, new leadership realities

Communicating trend-setting visions, generating enthusiasm and offering a strong identification figure - in the digital working world, managers are increasingly failing to meet these challenges. But even the understanding of leadership is outdated, as the latest research shows.

5th July 2019
Differences between Swiss and foreign employees

Comparison of psychological contracts

4th July 2019
100 students successfully complete the lecture HRM

In this spring semester, the lecture HRM was held for the third time at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Lucerne. Prof. Dr. Bruno Staffelbach, supported by Sandra Furrer, introduced more than 100 students to the basics of human resource management.

28th June 2019
Comparative HRM: Meeting of the CRANET Network of international HRM scholars in Lucerne

On the 24th and 25th of June 2019 the Cranet network of scholars in HRM met at the University of Lucerne to discuss network development and engage in research dialog.

28th June 2019
Learning from disasters and emergencies

An American research team has summarized the most important research results from disaster management, emergency medicine and polar and space expeditions. The results are particularly helpful for organizations that have to abandon "business as usual".

7th June 2019
Please help, but not unsolicited!

Organizations demand that employees support each other. Reactive behaviour, on the other hand, is less tolerated. A study by Michigan State University now shows that unsolicited help can also have negative effects.