Human Resource Management lecture held for the sixth time

Almost 80 students successfully completed the Human Resource Management lecture at the Faculty of Economics and Management in June 2022.

HRM lecture in spring semester 2022

The Faculty of Economics (WF) is the youngest faculty at the University of Lucerne, having opened its doors for the first time in the fall semester of 2016. Since the spring semester of 2017, Prof. Dr. Bruno Staffelbach has been introducing undergraduate business students to the fundamentals of human resource management.

The lecture is divided into three major blocks: Basics of HRM, Operational HRM and HRM Strategy & Leadership. For each topic area, three lectures are held in which Prof. Dr. Bruno Staffelbach teaches the students the theoretical basics and leads them through a case study in which students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned to concrete practical examples. Furthermore, additional practical knowledge is imparted by the means of guest lectures. This year, Matthias Moelleney, Dr. Stephan Hostettler and Dr. Eva-Maria Aulich again offered the students a practical perspective. The course was assisted by the doctoral students Naemi Jacob and Marina Pletscher.

This semester, the lecture was held on site. In addition, as in the spring 2021 semester, the lecture was broadcasted live via ZOOM, recorded and subsequently uploaded to SwitchTube, making it accessible to students. In June 2022, almost 80 students successfully completed the exam. We now wish everyone a nice semester break and are looking forward to welcoming a new cohort in the spring semester of 2023!