Career instruments

This page summarises the most important career funding instruments, from doctoral studies to the advanced postdoctoral phase. 


Doctoral students

Doctoral students can be employed by third-party funded projects and thus complete their doctorate as part of a larger project carried out by their supervisor. Another option is employment via traditional assistantships. Discuss the options with your supervisor. 

Postdoctoral researchers

The postdoc phase serves to deepen your own research work and to establish an independent line of research. Several career instruments are available to support this endeavour, including those covering your own salary. Mobility is another key aspect of this career stage, for which funding opportunities are also available.

Established researchers

Established researchers already have several years of independent research experience. Researchers with four or more years of postdoctoral research experience qualify as main applicants for SNSF project funding. However, this funding does not cover their own salary and therefore requires employment of at least 50% for the entire project duration. Their own salary can be claimed via the instruments of the European Research Council ERC. 

Further information can be found in our project funding section or on the ERC website: 

The University of Lucerne as host institution

The University of Lucerne is a dynamic and agile institution. With its central location right next to the railway station and the picturesque Lake of Lucerne, its manageable size and its focus on human sciences, it offers ideal conditions for young, mobile researchers from various disciplines. If successful, researchers who apply for career instruments with the University of Lucerne as their host institution will enjoy excellent conditions, such as appropriate integration into the relevant faculty, access to university programmes and a share of the overheads.

If you are interested, please contact a professorship in the relevant faculty or write to the Grants Office at

Career instruments: