Research at the CHPE seeks to provide new scientific evidence and innovative solutions to strengthen the health system in Switzerland and to improve the health of the population. The conceptual basis for our research is given by WHO's health systems framework and systems thinking approach that set forth six building blocks of a health system: service delivery, health workforce, access to essential medicines, information systems, financing and leadership/governance. In this framework, people are at the heart of the health system as beneficiaries and key drivers of the system itself.

Our research is organized around the following main themes:

  • Health Care Financing
    Evaluating existing financing schemes and investigating new incentives for an efficient and sustainable use of resources in the health care sector

  • Equity in Health Systems
    Examining the determinants of health inequalities and inequities, and developing new methods to achieve equitable health system outcomes

  • Health and Social Policy
    Analyzing the health system, the social security system and their interaction to inform policy interventions and optimize outcomes across sectors and for all groups of the population 

  • Health Care Management
    Examining how health care delivery can be organized to improve the quality and overall value of care, including the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of health interventions and technologies

  • Econometric Methods
    Developing econometric methods to support evidence-based decision-making