The provision of adequate and affordable care makes a major contribution to achieving optimal population health and is an important goal on the health policy agenda. This requires innovative research in various domains of the health system to meet the changing needs of the population.


Our vision is a health system where the delivery and use, quality and overall value of care are continuously studied and improved.


The mission of the CHPE is to develop evidence-based insights that offer policy-makers and organizations a sound basis from which to take action that improves the health system, and ultimately the people's quality of life. Within the educational programs offered by the University of Lucerne, the CHPE is committed to supporting students in acquiring the essential skills needed to understand and develop innovative solutions for the challenges that complex health systems face at present and in the future.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of the CHPE are:

  • a holistic perspective of health
  • an innovative research agenda and high quality research
  • the close collaboration with various stakeholders
  • evidence-based, practical solutions for implementation
  • effective dissemination of findings
  • excellence in teaching