Dual Degree in Political Science

  • Students get to know two distinct academic cultures.
  • Students benefit from all courses offered by two political science departments.
  • Upon completion of their studies, students receive both a Swiss AND a Canadian Master's degree.
  • Students registered at the University of Lucerne only pay tuition fees in Switzerland, even during the time they’re studying in Ottawa.
  • Despite being different in size, Switzerland and Canada share many characteristics, such as federalism and multi-lingualism. This generates many opportunities for mutual learning. While studying overseas, students from Lucerne find themselves in the centre of Canadian politics – in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

Read the experience of our first Dual Degree student at Carleton University in Ottawa!

This page primarily aims to inform those students who plan to register at the University of Lucerne. Information for those who will register at Carleton University can be found here.