Language courses and skills

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Good language skills are one of the basic requirements for an exchange semester. For this reason, the University of Lucerne strives to promote the language competence of its students.

Language courses at the University of Lucerne

The University of Lucerne currently offers language courses in English, French, Italian and German. The courses run for the duration of the semester and the course fees are CHF 250 per semester. An overview of the language levels currently offered can be found here.

Students who would like to see additional languages and course levels added to the existing offerings are invited to contact the International Relations Office (

Bénédict Language School

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The Bénédict Language School offers students of the University of Lucerne an attractive programme. The offer includes language courses at different levels in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Students of the University of Lucerne receive a discount of 20%. When there are 7 course participants this increases to 25%.

Language Centre of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne (HSLU)

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The  Language Center of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne (HSLU) offers language courses which are also open to students of the University of Lucerne. Please note however that the course fees for external participants apply for University of Lucerne students.

The courses offered are diverse and range from French, Italian or English to Chinese or Arabic.

Regular foreign language courses offered at the University of Lucerne

Students at the University of Lucerne can acquire foreign language skills even during their regular studies. The University of Lucerne offers an increasing number of courses in English as well as in French or Italian, particularly at Master's level. Take advantage of this offer and expand your language skills within your own subject area.

Courses offered in English (all faculties) 

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Language certificates

Almost all partner universities require a language certificate from exchange students.

In order to prepare yourself optimally for your exchange semester, we recommend that you inform yourself about the various language certificates well in advance. You can find out whether the partner university you have chosen requires a written language certificate from the exchange coordinator or from the study advisor of your home faculty. Please inform yourself in time about the respective procedures and conditions.  

The most important language certificates are: