Greener Mobility Programme

Promoting greener forms of mobility


How can we be greener in our consumption? How can CO2 emissions be reduced in a world that has never before offered so many options for consumption? It goes without saying that we too must ask ourselves these questions, since we are responsible for many international mobilities within the framework of exchange programmes. This is especially true for air travel, which is an important mode of transport for stays abroad.  

These exchange programmes, however, support a comprehensive education. Those who venture to another place acquire valuable knowledge and skills such as creativity, flexibility or entrepreneurship. An exchange experience supports students on their way to becoming open and responsible citizens. And this contributes to sustainable development.

Furthermore, mobility, especially within Europe, can also be made more environmentally friendly. This is a challenging area of contention, which we are addressing and financially supporting with the "Greener Mobility" programme.

Source: Movetia - National Agency for Exchange and Mobility

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