Training Abroad

Staff mobility for training enables teaching staff working at the University of Lucerne to spend a period of training (between 2 working days and 2 weeks) at at one of our partner institutions within the SEMP (Erasmus) Programme. 

Applications are dealt with on a rolling basis and are dependant on free capacity and sufficient funds. Please contact the Mobility Office of the University of Lucerne to check whether there are funds still available.

List of Staff Training Weeks

Please find below a link listing all available staff mobility weeks being offered within the Erasmus+ and SEMP programmes. Please note, however, that not all offers listed may be funded via SEMP grants. If you are interested in any of the weeks listed please contact the Mobility Office of the University of Lucerne to clarify the details.

Signing of a Bilateral SEMP Agreement 

In cases where a SEMP agreement with a certain university does not already exist, staff members (after first seeking approval from their superior) should contact the Head of the International Relations Office of the University of Lucerne in order to sign a bilateral SEMP agreement with the corresponding partner university. For further information on the signing of agreements see  International Cooperation.

Contact the SEMP Partner University 

As soon as the bilateral SEMP agreement has been signed, or if such an agreement already exists, the staff member has to contact the respective department of the partner university in order to settle the conditions and organisation of the exchange (time period of exchange, duration and schedule, possible working space etc.). 

The Mobility Office of the University of Lucerne does not place staff at SEMP partner universities. Staff members, who want to do an exchange, are responsible for the organisation of the exchange.  

Application for an Exchange 

Once the staff member and the host university agree on the organisation of the exchange, the staff member has to file her/his formal application to the Mobility Office at the University of Lucerne. Staff of the University of Lucerne can apply for a grant which (partially) covers travel and accommodation expenses. The paid allowances are based on the regulations of the SEMP-programme. A detailed list of the allowance rates per host country is available from the Mobility Office.

Selection of Applications 

The selection process is done by the Mobility Office in consultation with the staff member's superior (and Human Resources, if applicable) as well as the Head of the International Relations Office. Applications will be checked individually and prioritised, if necessary.

Reimbursement of Expenses and Final Report 

Once the exchange is over, in order to receive a reimbursement the staff member has to file her/his travel expenses (with original receipts) to the Mobility Office. Additionally, a report has to be submitted to the Mobility Office.