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The acceptance of the “Mass Immigration’ initiative means that Switzerland will only be able participate in Horizon 2020 as a third country. Following recent negotiations, Switzerland and the EU have agreed on a partial association, effective as of the 15th September 2014. This partial association allows Swiss researchers to participate in the first pillar of Horizon 2020, known as ‘Excellent Science’ (which includes ERC-Grants, Marie-Sklodowska-Curie actions etc.) on an equal footing with their European counterparts. For all other Horizon 2020 initiatives, Switzerland has the status of third country, thus allowing participation in projects, albeit without direct funding from the EU. In such cases, researchers will be funded by the Swiss government. This agreement with the EU is valid until the end of 2016. Please take note of the information available on the SERI and SNF websites, in particular the SBFI’s information on Horizon 2020, dated 12. September 2014.   

The EU’s main instrument for research funding is the programme for applied research and development. The 8th programme (FP8, Horizon 2020, 2014–2020) is now in progress. 

Despite the fact that EU research programmes have tended to focus on the fields of technology, science and medicine,  there is now the possibility for projects from the fields of social sciences and humanities to initiate and to lead projects, and to acquire research funding, see programme overview

Of particular perhaps interest are the European Research Council’s funding possibilities for individual projects in frontier research as well as the promotion of mobility for individual researchers by way of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions

Commissioned by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, Euresearch is responsible for promoting Swiss participation in the EU’s 8th programme. Euresearch serves as a source of information and advice for researchers. Euresarch has been in existence since 2001. The Head Office is in Bern and there has been a Regional Office in Lucerne since April 2006. 

For more information please contact the two Euresearch offices listed below in coordination with the Research Promotion Unit. 

Kontakt Euresearch, Head Office Bern

Kontakt Euresearch, Regional Office Luzern