For the University of Lucerne a dense international network is of highest importance, thus we cooperate closely with the outposts of the Swiss Federation. 

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Swiss Houses for Scientific Exchange (swissnex offices) 

The Swiss Houses for Scientific Exchange, swissnex, are important means of implementing the confederation´s policy of developing bilateral cooperation ties with selected partner countries in the areas of education, research and innovation. Run by the State Secretariat for Education and Research, which is part of the Federal Department of Home Affairs, and backed by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, swissnex offices develop partnership ties with universities, interest groups and private sponsors. The main objective of each swissnex office is to help Swiss universities and research institutions develop their own international activities by acting in a subsidiary capacity. Swissnex offices can be found in: BostonSan FranciscoSingaporeChina (Shanghai)India (Bangalore).

Swiss Academic Councils Abroad 

Together with the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation of the Federal Department of Home Affairs has created a professional network of academic councils and consulates. The academic councils render a multitude of services. Their role is to make Switzerland known as being internationally competitive in terms of scientific research and technological development and to promote global cooperation.

Switzerland currently boasts a network of 23 academic councils and consulates in 19 countries all over the world: overview of the network of Swiss Academic Councils Abroad.

Town Twinnings: Lucerne – Potsdam 

The town twinning between the city of Lucerne and the city of Potsdam has been formalised as Verein Städtepartnerschaft Luzern – Potsdam ("Association town twinning Lucerne – Potsdam"). The purpose of this association is defined as being an encouragement and deepening of social and economical relationships, also in matters of (higher) education. 

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Town Twinnings: Lucerne  Chicago 

The Verein Städtepartnerschaft Luzern – Chicago (Luzern-Chicago Sister Cities Association) aims to promote relations between Lucerne and Chicago in the fields of culture, economics and education. Lucerne has its own studio-flat in Chicago's Wicker Park district which hosts 3 artists from the Canton of Lucerne each year, thus giving the artisits a platform in Chicago in which to further develop their creative skills in a wholly new environment and without financial pressure.