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Since November 2012, the University of Lucerne is an active member of the Scholars at Risk Network. 


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Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of universities and colleges promoting the academic freedom and defending the human rights of scholars and their communities worldwide. Around the world today, scholars are threatened because of their research, their ideas and their place in society. Where scholars are being restricted in their academic freedom while doing research, teaching and learning, SAR becomes active. 


SAR supports threatened scholars in their efforts to overcome injustice and restrictions to their academic freedom. Support is needed in various forms: Through temporary academic positions, SAR members help scholars to escape dangerous conditions and to continue their important work. Furthermore, members can invite scholars for lectures, workshops or organize conferences with scholars and other members, etc. 


SAR was founded in 1999 as part of the Human Rights Program of the University of Chicago. Since its launch, many universities from all over the world have joined the network. In 2003 the SAR headquarters relocated from Chicago to the campus of New York University, where it resides ever since.

Today, the SAR network counts far more than 100 members. Amongst them are renowned universities such as the universities of Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, FU Berlin, or Trinity College in Dublin, to name just a few. 

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Contact at the University of Lucerne

If you have questions or remarks regarding the University of Lucerne’s SAR-membership, please consult the International Relations Office of the University of Lucerne (; T 141 41 229 50 71). We are looking forward to receiving your input!