CAS/MAS Humanitarian Leadership

The joint study program CAS/MAS in Humanitarian Leadership connects academic skills and knowledge delivered by the University of Lucerne with the practical know how and experience of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
Providing support to people affected by conflicts and disasters is characterised as being an intense, challenging and multi-faceted tasks. Typically, providing humanitarian assistance is associated with a set of aspects including:

  • Multi-disciplinarity
  • Intercultural challenges
  • Team dynamics
  • Time pressure
  • Financial restraints
  • Lack of information
  • Internal / Emotional aspects: Stress, threat to life, etc.
  • Communication

This variety of factors requires strong strategic, operational and leadership skills for managerial and field personnel. Leadership skills in particular are key since human interaction is the starting point of any humanitarian response.

In view of these challenges and opportunities, the study programme CAS/MAS in Humanitarian Leadership is designed to further develop competencies of humanitarian leaders and managers. The program will furthermore enable leaders and managers in gaining access to people affected by conflict and delivering effective humanitarian services.