The Chair of Theological Ethics focuses on the research and teaching of moral theology and social ethics (in particular via the Institute of Social Ethics ISE, which falls under the Chair of Theological Ethics). This includes scholarly reflection on issues at an individual ethical level (moral theology) on the one hand and on ethical topics at a social level (social ethics) on the other, as well as the interaction between both levels. This scientific basis has enabled the Chair of Theological Ethics to become a dialogue partner for politics, business, civil society on a local, regional, national, and international level.

NEW BOOK: Digital Transformation and Ethics (Nomos Verlag)


19th October 2019
RSI: TV-Beitrag von Prof. Peter G. Kirchschläger im Tessiner Fernsehen

Segni dei tempi


Segni dei Tempi, un settimanale evangelico che si occupa di spiritualità, etica e diritti umani. Propone notizie, informazioni e commenti dal mondo evangelico, è attento al confronto tra fedi e culture diverse, promuove il dialogo ecumenico.

6th September 2019
Radio Maria: Interview with Peter G. Kirchschlaeger about the Responsibility of Multinational Corporations

Interview (06.09.2019, 13.00 Uhr)

28th June 2019
"Lucerne Summer University" in the name of dialogue and cooperation

Twenty-eight PhD and Masters students from around the world and from various disciplines addressed ethical challenges in a global context at the Lucerne Summer University in early June. This year's second edition was dedicated to dialogue and cooperation.


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