Foto Andreas Furrer

Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer 

Professor of Private Law, Comparative Law, Private International Law and European Law
Director Center for Logistics and Transport Law KOLT
Director primius scholarship programme
Andreas Furrer is a partner at MME law firm in Zurich and Zug, and a founding member of the Swiss Arbitration Academy.
T +41 41 229 53 60 • room 4.A47 •
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Center for Logistics and Transport Law KOLT

Foto Juana Vasella

Prof. Dr. iur. Juana Vasella, Attorney-at-Law

University of Applied Sciences "Ernst-Abbe"
Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 2, 07745 Jena |
Co-Director Center for Logistics and Transport Law KOLT

PD Dr. iur. Dirk Trüten, LL.M.

Senior Researcher, Private Lecturer for Europäisches Privat- und Wirtschaftsrecht, Internationales Privatrecht und Privatrechtsvergleichung
T +41 41 229 54 06 • room 4.A28 • 

Karoline Eder, MLaw, MLaw, LL.M; Master en Droit

Scientific Assistant
T +41 229 54 89  • room 4.A23 •

Foto Stefanie Fuchs

Stefanie Fuchs, MLaw

Scientific Assistant
T +41 229 53 34  •

Foto Angelika Layr

Mag. iur. Angelika Layr, BSc, LL.M.

Scientific assistant
T +41 229 54 40 • room 4.A23 •