The University of Lucerne Faculty of Law: A Commitment to Internationalisation

The Lucerne University Faculty of Law has developed in less than two decades into an institution that is strongly internationally positioned in research and teaching. Our pursuit for excellence in both fields has been unwavering and we have been fortunate to attract great scholars and students and to create a dynamic international community over time.

Our commitment to internationalisation remains strong and has been defined as one of the key tasks of the Faculty. The Steering Committee Internationalisation (SCI) and the Managing Director Internationalisation have been specifically appointed to carry out this task in close co-operation with the University’s International Relations Office, and to bolster the Faculty of Law as an international house. We seek to continue doing high quality research with international appeal and engaging a vivid group of students from around the world. As a relatively young university, we seek innovation and societal impact in both legal and interdisciplinary research and cooperate with a large number of partners both locally and globally in endorsing this mission.

It is the purpose of this website to serve as an informational hub for all international activities of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lucerne. We invite you to explore our international academic programme and our expanding network of research and student mobility partners.

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