Steering Committee

The Steering Committee Internationalisation (SCI) was created in October 2014 with a decision of the Faculty of Law. It is a specialised venue dedicated to advancing the internationalisation strategy of the Faculty, expanding and improving its international academic programme, network of partner institutions and the mobility opportunities for Lucerne-based and incoming students.


Foto Nicolas Diebold

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Diebold, LL.M., Attorney-at-Law

Dean, Professor of Public and Economic Law

T +41 41 229 53 40  •  Room 4.B18  •

Managing Director

Foto Mira Burri

Prof. Dr. Mira Burri

Managing Director Steering Committee Internationalisation (SCI), Senior Lecturer
Professor of International Economic and Internet Law

T +41 41 229 53 71  •  Room 4.A31  •

More information about Prof. Dr. Mira Burri


Foto Martina Caroni

Prof. Dr. Martina Caroni, LL.M. (Yale)

Tenured Professor of International, Constitutional and Comparative Law

T +41 41 229 53 78  •  Room 4.B16  •  martina.caroni(at)

Foto Daniel Girsberger

Prof. Dr. Daniel Girsberger, LL.M., Attorney-at-Law

Professor of Swiss and International Private Law, Business Law, Procedural Law and Comparative Law, Chairman of the University’s Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) 

T +41 41 229 53 30  •  Room 4.A48  •

Foto Sebastian Heselhaus

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Heselhaus

Professor of European Law, International Law, Public Law and Comparative Public Law

T +41 41 229 53 84 • Room 4.B14 •

Prof. Dr. Vagias Karavas

Professor of Legal Sociology, Legal Theory and Private Law

T +41 41 229 53 86  •  Room 4.A46  •

Administrative Assistant

Foto Cornelia Sidler

Cornelia Sidler

Administrative Assistant
T +41 41 229 53 61  •  Room 4.A11  •