The Faculty of Law stands out due to its commitment to its students. While we are still growing, we try to balance growth with our aim to give individual attention and care. We pay attention to meet our students´ needs and aim at their being taken seriously by all faculty departments.

The Faculty of Law pays attention to maintain – or even go below – a ratio of professor to students at about one professor per 60 students. This places the faculty at a top position among all Swiss German faculties of law. Professors are generously staffed with assistants and secretaries. Through excellently staffed student counseling options, the Faculty of Law ensures personal support for the students. 

A special emphasis by the Faculty of Law is placed on the quality of education. All courses are regularly evaluated by the students with a standardised questionnaire. The teaching staff continuously strives to improve their knowledge and skills by participating in didactics courses and teaching according to the most current university standards. These efforts pay off – the faculty consistently receives high marks by its students in evaluations. These evaluations, given regularly, survey the overall performance of the faculty. 

The Faculty of Law has two main emphases when it comes to the content of its research and institutes – namely, business law and legal fundamentals. With these main emphases, the Faculty  of Law sets priorities with a claim to reach national and international acclaim. Furthermore, there are several research projects devoted to important issues, among them are social security law and procedural law, as well as research projects maintained by individual professors. 

One more distinction is that a number of professors teach part time and next to this practice law. This ensures that subjects taught in Lucerne are practical and relevant. 

The academic mid-level faculty assistants are involved in the research to a high degree, especially through the co-authoring of publications with professors. These assistants are also involved in the substantive lectures and teach exercises independently, as well as improving their skills through didactics courses.

Another distinction of the Lucerne Faculty of Law is its developing internationalisation strategy. Through the offering of English courses as an initial step, the door is opened for students to dive into the international, academic, and professional world. Consequently, Lucerne as an educational and research institution is an attractive option for students from all over the world. 
Thanks to numerous mobility agreements, our students have the possibility to spend one or more semesters at an excellent foreign university and have those results from abroad counted towards the completion of their studies in Lucerne.