Archive Fall Semester 2017

Thu, Feb 22 Agnes Bäker, University of ZurichWhich doctors make the best leaders? The influence
of line managers on employee job satisfaction.
Thu, Mar 1Michele Salvi, University of LucerneDo Fiscal Rules Cause Lower Debt? A Case Study of Switzerland 
Thu, Mar 8
"Marketing Cooperation" seminar
Jan Landwehr, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt a.M.
Facial Politics: The Effect of a Politician’s Facial Characteristics on Voting Behavior 
Thu, Mar 15Lorenz Küng, Northwestern UniversityHousing Tenure Choice and Risk in Spatial Equilibrium 
Thu, Mar 22Christian Hepenstrick, Swiss National BankWhat can we know when? Tracking economic activity in real time 
Thu, Mar 29No seminar / Holy Thursday--- 
Thu, Apr 5No seminar / Easter break--- 
Thu, Apr 12Charles B. Blankart, University of LucerneHow Do Representatives Vote? 
Thu, Apr 19Lukas Buchheim, University of MunichDynamics of Political Systems 
Thu, Apr 26"Marketing Cooperation" seminar
Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis, University of St. Gallen
Boosting the Global Effectiveness of Mass Customization
Through Processing-Congruent Interfaces
Thu, May 3Manuela Morf, University of LucerneWhen negotiations about job content fail 
Thu, May 10No seminar / Ascension Day--- 
Thu, May 17Dr. Anna Sender, University of LucerneTurnover contagion in social media: The role of employability and job embeddedness 
Thu, May 24Aline Bütikofer, NHH Bergen

Breaking the Link: Natural Resource Booms and Intergenerational Mobility